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This is your last chance to ensure you can continue to market your chemicals in the EU without suffering a potentially major disruption to your supply chain and incurring significant additional costs to your business.

After the 31st May 2017 deadline, companies without a Pre-Registration or Registration in place will no longer be able to manufacture or import chemicals in quantities greater than 1 tonne per annum and place them on the EU market. Both EU and non-EU chemical manufacturers are therefore strongly advised to take advantage of the late Pre-Registration deadline.

The REACH Centre are now offering you the final opportunity to secure a late Pre-Registration and protect your business.

Companies are recommended to put a late pre-registration in place for any existing substances where where EU manufacture or imports into Europe may exceed 1 tonne per year over the next year.

The REACH Centre can assist with:

  • Only and Third Party Representation
  • Late pre-registration
  • Managing your Joint and Lead REACH Registration requirements
  • Confidentiality concerns

Please contact The REACH Centre before 19th May to obtain more details.

Dr Alex Paul

Tel: +44(0)1524 510215


Published: Tuesday 2nd May 2017