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Free Guidance Launched for Offshore Chemicals

Free guidance on chemical registration under OSPAR HMCS

OSPAR guide

The REACH Centre has published a useful guide to assist chemical suppliers and offshore operators who need to register their substances under the OSPAR Harmonised Mandatory Control System (HMCS) for the Use and Reduction of the Discharge of Offshore Chemicals.

Companies intending to register their chemicals for use in offshore petroleum and gas activities in the North Sea are required to submit a Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Form (HOCNF) to notify chemical products which will include hazard data derived using test protocols approved by OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee (OIC) relating to toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation in the marine environment. Offshore chemicals are subject to other regulatory requirements other than OSPAR such as REACH and BPR.

Containing definitions and processes, the free guide provides a handy overview and helps affected companies to comply with the two different regulatory schemes.

The guide is complemented by The REACH Centre's free webinars which highlight the fundamental aspects of both regulatory regimes, their terminology, application and evaluation process.

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Published: Thursday 14th July 2016