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The REACH Centre has launched chemtrac 4.5, the latest version of its comprehensive online chemicals management solution.

With chemtrac 4.5, alerts and the way they work have been changing. Regulatory Alerts have been added to the current Substance Alerts. The two alert services have been combined under the new name 'chemtrac Alerts'. Organisations need to proactively monitor their frequently changing obligations in order to stay compliant. chemtrac Alerts enable organisations to control and track the substances of specific interest to them and to stay on top of the very latest regulatory amendments by receiving systematic updates in a clear and concise form to their mailbox.

chemtrac Alerts offers following additional features:

  • Notifications by substance and regulation: The new alerts allow you to get notifications on any updates for specific substances, as well as all selected regulations that are of specific interest to you.
  • Customise frequency: You can now customise the frequency of all your notifications; daily, weekly or monthly. In addition to this you can choose to only see them in the chemtrac Alerts application without receiving any notifications.
  • Manage Alerts: The improved functionality enables you to manage your alerts easily through the Hub. So in the chemtrac Alerts application you can specify the date range of the alerts you see, search and choose your regulations and turn notifications on and off.
  • Tailor to your organisation: Link your alerts by substance and regulation of interest. Only see what you need to see.

chemtrac is a division of The REACH Centre, a leading provider of regulatory and scientific services with offices and representatives in Europe, North America and Asia. It combines the regulatory expertise of The REACH Centre with excellent IT development skills and the latest developments in legislation across the world.

The integrated chemtrac applications provide live information on the regulatory status and hazard classification of specific chemicals. chemtrac 4.5 now covers more than 230,000 chemical substances - representing an increase of more than 50% of substances within less than a year - and more than 150 global regulations comprising more than 400 lists. chemtrac enables organisations of all sizes and in all industry sectors to prioritise and focus their resources and to manage business risk more efficiently, saving time and money. The chemtrac range of applications now include the Hub, Substance Database, Alerts, Regulations Guide, File Storage and Product Risk Assessor. Furthermore, its Regulatory Advice Service provides additional guidance and advice on the impact or interpretation of chemicals legislation.

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Published: Tuesday 17th November 2015