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The REACH Centre, the leading provider of regulatory and scientific services in the field of chemicals management and risk assessment have launched new services to the upstream offshore chemicals industry. This will complement its extensive range of regulatory services such as REACH and BPR.

Companies intending to register their chemicals for use in offshore petroleum and gas activities in the North Sea are required to submit a Harmonised Offshore Chemical Notification Form (HOCNF) to notify chemical products which will include hazard data derived using test protocols approved by OSPAR Offshore Industry Committee (OIC) relating to toxicity, persistence and bioaccumulation in the marine environment. Offshore chemicals are subject to other regulatory requirements other than OSPAR such as REACH and BPR.

With significant experience working with the offshore oil & gas industry, The REACH Centre's team offers expert scientific and regulatory advice on all aspects of OSPAR:

  • HOCNF preparation and notification
  • Build weight of evidence cases for ecotoxicological endpoints required for HOCNF submission
  • Manage requirements for offshore chemicals under OSPAR, REACH and BPR.

Dr Rosalinda Gioia, Senior Regulatory Scientist at The REACH Centre brings significant expertise from working for the Offshore Chemical Regulator. As an international recognized expert on ecotoxicology, Rosalinda, who is also the author of several technical bulletins and papers to the annual meeting of OSPAR's OIC, says: "Having provided expert scientific advice and policy support to government regulators on hazard and risk assessments of offshore chemicals has shown me the challenges that the chemical industry is facing to meet regulatory compliance and the importance of a sound regulatory and scientific knowledge to fulfil these challenges."

The REACH Centre is one of the leading international providers of regulatory guidance, scientific and analytical services, and training to industry in the field of chemicals management and risk assessment. Their integrated services ensure our customers are able to effectively manage and comply with current and future chemicals legislation.

The REACH Centre employs a team of experts in chemistry, (eco)toxicology, environmental and occupational exposure, offering services for EU REACH, equivalent global notification systems, GHS and the EU CLP implementation, Cosmetics, Detergents and Biocidal Products regulations, RoHS and Conflict Minerals, and the developing Nanomaterials regulatory framework.

To find out more about The REACH Centre's OSPAR services click here The REACH Centre will also attend and exhibit at the 'Chemistry in the Oil Industry XIV: Chemistry - Challenges and Responsibilities' Conference, 2-4 November 2015, Manchester, UK.

Published: Monday 19th October 2015