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Launch of chemtrac File Storage

Attach key files to your substances with chemtrac

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The REACH Centre has launched its new File Storage System for chemtrac 4.0. The new application enables organisations to attach files to substances on their lists, increasing the functionality of the lists and allowing organisations to store key documents associated with important substances.

chemtrac file storage

Key advantages

  • Fully integrated with chemtrac Substance Database
  • Attach multiple files to substances on lists
  • See all the files you have uploaded within chemtrac from within the File Storage application - helping organisations to easily manage and categorise their storage facility

chemtrac online chemicals management system is designed to help organisations to track, monitor, manage and control their chemical substances through multiple regulations and legislations across a variety of industries. It makes chemicals management process more cost effective by saving time.

The integrated chemtrac applications provide live information on the regulatory status and hazard classification of specific chemicals. Covering more than 150,000 chemicals and more than 150 global regulations comprising more than 400 lists, chemtrac enables organisations of all sizes and in all industry sectors to prioritise and focus their resources and to manage business risk more efficiently, saving time and money. The chemtrac range of applications now include the Hub, Substance Database, Substance Alerts, Regulations Guide, chemtrac Alerts, Product Risk Assessor and the new File Storage. Furthermore, its Regulatory Advice Service provides additional guidance and advice on the impact or interpretation of chemicals legislation.

chemtrac is a division of The REACH Centre, a leading provider of regulatory and scientific services with offices and representatives in Europe, North America and Asia. The tool combines the regulatory expertise of The REACH Centre, with excellent IT development skills and the latest developments in legislation across the world - as they happen and as they're anticipated too. Our team has tackled some of the biggest chemicals management challenges facing global supply chains in the past decade or more and chemtrac is the result of that experience.

To find out more about chemtrac 4.0 and on the new File Storage application go to

Published: Thursday 4th June 2015