The REACH Centre News


The REACH Centre has signed a partnership agreement with its Chinese partner, Zhuhai Energy. The collaborative project will help to ensure industry compliance with global chemicals regulations and support the implementation of best practice in manufacturing supply chains.

As part of a special ceremony at Lancaster University, eight Chinese and UK companies, amongst those The REACH Centre, have signed international R&D agreements. The partnership agreements will lead to research and developments of new products and services for global markets and are the first agreements resulting from the University's novel GBP5.1 million Lancaster China Catalyst Programme. In addition, the partnership offers The REACH Centre a new route into Chinese markets.

Jonathan Lutwyche, CEO of The REACH Centre, said: "This project is a significant opportunity to utilise our existing expertise and knowledge to deliver chemicals management solutions to Chinese markets. This partnership forms one of the building blocks of our current growth strategy and will further expand our position in Asia Pacific."

Nick Burd, Director of the Lancaster China Catalyst Programme, said: "These agreements are a strong signal of commitment between these Chinese and UK businesses to work together on innovative international partnerships that will boost growth, jobs and wealth here in the UK and in China."

Published: Friday 24th April 2015