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chemtrac offers three new services

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  • Do you need additional guidance and advice on the impact or interpretation of chemicals legislation?
  • Do you have to monitor specific chemicals of concern?
  • Do you need to identify hazardous substances in your products?
chemtrac now offers three new services:
  • Regulatory Advice Service: ask specific questions on individual substances and regulations that affect your business activities and our regulatory experts at The REACH Centre will provide a quick, concise and effective solution to discrete issues and concerns such as clarification of the regulatory status of a substance or confirmation of the regulatory obligations placed on a substance
  • Substance Alert: Control and monitor the substances of specific interest to you and stay on top of the very latest regulatory amendments by receiving systematic updates in a clear and concise form into your mailbox
  • Product Risk Assessor: Evaluate and manage the risk of non-compliance, identify high-risk products and optimise testing strategies

Covering more than 150,000 chemicals and more than 100 global regulations, chemtrac is a unique suite of online tools to manage product stewardship activities within a broad range industries, such as chemical manufacturers and distributors, automotive and aerospace, as well as retailers and their supply chain. The tool allows companies to track regulations and assess compliance and business risk of their products by viewing and cross-referencing information relating to the chemical's hazards, uses and regulatory status. Additionally, the chemtrac substance alert provides live updates to monitor specific chemicals of concern and to stay on top of the very latest regulatory amendments.

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Published: Monday 7th July 2014