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chemtrac updates launched

Tracking chemicals regulations made even easier

chemtrac on screen

chemtrac now comes with even more enhanced functionality:

  • Improved functionality of the Regulations Guide: go directly from a chemtrac heading into the matching section in the Guide, to quickly check how a regulation impacts on your business
  • Direct access to external websites: access useful web links such as ECHA registration dossiers straight from chemtrac
  • available in 33 languages: with the integration of Google Translate, chemtrac is now available in 33 languages

chemtrac is the ideal tool to manage your product stewardship activities and compliance with chemical regulations in the supply chain. By providing up-to-date regulatory status and information on the hazards and applications of your specific chemicals, chemtrac allows prioritising and focusing your resources and to manage your business risk efficiently, saving time and money.

  • Contains essential information on more than 150,000 chemicals
  • Upload and manage your substance inventory
  • Monitor the regulatory compliance status of your products
  • Share substance lists with colleagues for easy project management
  • Identify high-risk products and optimise testing strategies

To find out more about chemtrac or to start your 21 days free trial, go to

Published: Thursday 3rd April 2014