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chemtrac® 3 launched

Track your chemicals online


The REACH Centre is glad to announce the launch of chemtrac® 3, the latest version of its comprehensive online chemicals management and regulatory reference tool.

chemtrac® 3 now offers the following additional features:

  • Upload and manage your substance inventory
  • Monitor the regulatory compliance status of your products
  • Share substance lists with colleagues for easy project management
  • Invite suppliers to view your Restricted Substances List

Having the users in mind, chemtrac® 3 makes it even easier to manage the chemicals in your business; upload, cross-reference and create your own lists; customize your home screen to show only the regulations you are interested in; record additional information relating to your chemicals and products. Furthermore, chemtrac® 3 comes with improved filter, sort and search options.

Covering more than 150,000 chemicals and more than 100 global regulations, chemtrac® is a unique suite of online tools to manage product stewardship activities within a broad range industries, such as chemical manufacturers and distributors, automotive and aerospace, as well as retailers and their supply chain. The tool allows companies to track regulations and assess compliance and business risk of their products by viewing and cross-referencing information relating to the chemical's hazards, uses and regulatory status. Additionally, the chemtrac® substance alert provides live updates to monitor specific chemicals of concern and to stay on top of the very latest regulatory amendments.

The REACH Centre will showcase chemtrac® 3 at Chemical Watch Global Supply Chain Workshop, 11-12th March 2014 in Brussels, Belgium.

Contact us to find out more and to arrange a demonstration or sign up to a 21 day free trial:

Published: Tuesday 25th February 2014