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chemtrac®:Your tool to track chemicals of concern

Online chemtrac® tool goes live: set up a free trial today

The REACH Centre's chemtrac® software tool was launched today (8 August 2011). chemtrac® offers businesses and organisations worldwide online access to a comprehensive database of over 7,500 chemicals of concern and you can subscribe now or enrol for a free 7-day trial.

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"Any business or organisation that needs to track chemicals of concern can now subscribe to one of the simplest and most straightforward systems available," says The REACH Centre CEO, Jonathan Lutwyche. "chemtrac® is ideal for manufacturers, chemical distributors and a diverse spectrum of retailers who need to follow regulatory developments across a wide range of chemical substances. They can find all the information that they need in one place, online and with the added benefit of being kept up to date by our own expert team."

chemtrac® is complementary to the various Bill of Materials (BOM) systems that are available. It not only offers the advantages of a broad overview of all current chemicals of concern but, in the months to come, it will also offer the possibility of adding and incorporating proprietary information and of integrating elements for supplier communciations and declarations, all with the security and stability that customer ICT systems rely on.

"Demand for this sort of information tool has been growing since REACH first came into force in 2007," says Jonathan, "and we can now offer it to organisations of all sizes and complexities at a price that makes sense for each business."

The REACH Centre is currently offering a free 7-day trial of chemtrac® to potential users and this can then be upgraded to a paid subscription that can also be extended to multiple users. Set up a free trial now or click here to find out more.

Published: Monday 8th August 2011