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On 29th March 2017 Siobhan Murphy and Rosalinda Gioia jetted off to San Francisco for the third annual Chemical Watch Biocides USA conference.

On day 1, Siobhan was one of three speakers who covered EU Biocides requirements, with her presentation named "Treated articles - EU and US. USA: Active treated articles - copper in paint". Siobhan's session contributed to lively discussions on the similarities and differences between the US and EU regulatory regimes, especially in light of the influence of these regimes on developing legislation in areas such as Asia and South America.

The conference included talks on efficacy requirements for disinfectants in the USA, State-specific legislation and enforcement, biocides in food contact materials and global biocides legislation in areas such as South Korea, China and Latin America. Siobhan and Rosalinda also attended a pre-conference workshop run by Steptoe and Johnson LLP which gave an overview of the registration process for antimicrobial pesticides in the USA both from a practical and a legal point of view.

Siobhan commented "the event was a great success and provided The REACH Centre with an invaluable networking opportunity as well as reinforcing our understanding of global biocides regimes to allow us to continue to support companies in an increasingly global arena". Both Siobhan and Rosalinda had a great time exhibiting at the conference, and we look forward to the next event.

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Published: Sunday 7th May 2017

This is your last chance to ensure you can continue to market your chemicals in the EU without suffering a potentially major disruption to your supply chain and incurring significant additional costs to your business.

After the 31st May 2017 deadline, companies without a Pre-Registration or Registration in place will no longer be able to manufacture or import chemicals in quantities greater than 1 tonne per annum and place them on the EU market. Both EU and non-EU chemical manufacturers are therefore strongly advised to take advantage of the late Pre-Registration deadline.

The REACH Centre are now offering you the final opportunity to secure a late Pre-Registration and protect your business.

Companies are recommended to put a late pre-registration in place for any existing substances where where EU manufacture or imports into Europe may exceed 1 tonne per year over the next year.

The REACH Centre can assist with:

  • Only and Third Party Representation
  • Late pre-registration
  • Managing your Joint and Lead REACH Registration requirements
  • Confidentiality concerns

Please contact The REACH Centre before 19th May to obtain more details.

Dr Alex Paul

Tel: +44(0)1524 510215


Published: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

We are glad to announce The REACH Centre's 10th anniversary today.

Founded in 2007 by Jonathan Lutwyche, Andrew Fasey and Simon Brearley, the company was first set up to support companies in their compliance with the new EU REACH Regulation.

Since then, the company has become a leading international provider of regulatory and scientific services with offices and representatives in the UK, Italy, the US, Japan and China. They now employ more than 50 staff, many of them experts in the fields of chemistry, (eco)toxicology, environmental and occupational exposure.

Over the course of the last 10 years The REACH Centre has supported many thousands of companies and organisations in more than 40 countries worldwide. Through close cooperation with partners, customers and regulatory bodies, they have always been at the forefront of regulatory compliance and have added many new services to their portfolio over the years. They now offer services in areas including global chemical notifications, GHS and the EU CLP, Biocidal Products regulations, nanomaterials, as well as technical expert services, tailored scientific consultancy, and Chemtrac - its own chemical management solution.

Looking into the future, The REACH Centre will continue its expansion in the next couple of years: "I am confident, we have a bright future ahead of us. We are now in an excellent position to work with clients on a broad range of international regulatory compliance and risk assessment areas," says Jonathan Lutwyche, CEO.

Published: Wednesday 26th April 2017

GHS deadline for mixtures in Thailand

Join us to learn more about Asia regulations


B.E. 2555 "Hazard Classifications and Communication System of Hazardous Substances" (also known as Thailand GHS) was implemented in 2012 by the Ministry of Industry of Thailand. A phased implementation period is drawing to a close and as of 13 March 2017, both substance and mixtures must be classified according to B.E.2555 (based on the 3rd revision of GHS). Consequently, companies may need to update their SDS and labels to meet the new requirements for mixtures.

If you would like to know more about the recent changes in Thailand, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our regulatory team >> or attend our training course on Asia Pacific >>.

Published: Wednesday 8th March 2017

Alex Paul

Dr Alex Paul's article on The REACH Centre's data sharing experience features in the ECHA newsletter this week.

"On 26 January 2016, the European Commission's Implementing Regulation on data sharing entered into force. Together with ECHA's new data-sharing guidance, this gave joint registrants and particularly small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) clear instructions on what information they can expect and legally request from lead registrants. Perhaps even more importantly, it confirmed that they do not have to accept or agree to the existing data-sharing agreement if they do not believe it is 'fair, transparent and non-discriminatory'..."

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Published: Friday 17th February 2017