Prepare for REACH 2018

Compared to the earlier deadlines, additional challenges are expected this time around due the much larger number of substances to be registered, and the large number of SMEs involved.

So start preparing now and see how The REACH Centre can support you.

Who is affected?

  • Companies manufacturing substances in a quantity greater than 1 tonne/year
  • Companies importing substances whether on their own or in a mixture in a quantity greater than 1 tonne/year.
  • Only representatives appointed by non EU-companies

What is involved?

The activities you must undertake depend on whether you will be a Joint Registrant or the Lead Registrant. However generally the process for everyone involves (in order of listing):

  • Sameness check
  • Data sharing (cost sharing)
  • Dossier build in IUCLID
  • Submission
  • Payment of ECHA fees

Your substance may already have been registered previously by others, in which case you can do a Joint Registration. In this case it is still advised to do your sameness check as soon as possible to ensure you are in the right SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum).

However if your substance has not yet been registered by anyone, you are advised to start communications in the SIEF as soon as possible to determine who can take the lead and to agree on sameness early on.

Contact us to find out more about the registration process and the activities you should be undertaking for successful registration.

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Training to prepare for 2018
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Regulatory and Supply Chain Audits

How we can help

REACH Roadmap
The cost of REACH Registration for some substances can be significant, especially for SMEs. If you have a significant number of substances to potentially register then you need as much information as possible on your options and the associated costs, so that you can be fully prepared for the 2018 deadline, and spread the cost if needed.
The REACH Centre can provide a REACH Roadmap for your substance(s) which will provide all the information you need for making your business decisions. The Roadmap will set out the costs and timelines associated with the various activities leading up to successful registration, and highlight any cost-saving options where relevant.
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Registration Services
As one of Europe's leading REACH Registration service providers, The REACH Centre offers a cost effective and efficient solution for your registration needs, including:

  • Lead and Joint Registration
  • REACH Only Representative
  • Third Party Representative
  • Pre-registration
  • Inquiry
  • PPORD Notification
  • Technical services incl. Substance Characterisation / Identification
  • REACH Authorisation
  • SIEF & Consortia Management