Late REACH Pre-registration

Potential registrants who manufacture or import for the first time a phase-in substance in quantities of one tonne or more per year after 1 December 2008, can submit a late pre-registration provided they do so:

  • at the latest, 6 months after manufacturing or importing a substance above the 1 tonne threshold per year; and
  • at least 12 months before the relevant transitional deadline for registration (i.e before 1/6/2012 or 1/6/2017).

The pre-registration will be completed by The REACH Centre electronically on the REACH IT portal of the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency). No fees are levied by the ECHA.


  • Check of the data provided by the customer against the EC inventory (identity check)
  • Creation of an account on the ECHA portal on behalf of the customer
  • Compilation of the data on the ECHA portal and pre-registration of the substances
  • Communication of the pre-registration number and of the log on details to the customer


  • The REACH Centre can also be named and act as the third party representative to the SIEF. Please see our Third Party Representative page for further information