Hazard Communication

Clear and concise data to meet international requirements

Not only the regulators but also your customers demand clear and concise information about the hazards associated with your products. Our team can advise you on Safety Data Sheets (and on extended or eSDS) and a full range of Classification Labelling and Packaging (CLP) requirements so that you can manage your hazard communications across the globe.

If you are marketing substances or mixtures in Europe then REACH and CLP-compliant Safety Data Sheets are an essential part of your supply chain. Ensuring their accuracy is essential too and we know from experience that SDSs are one of the easiest areas to be targeted by the Enforcement Authorities across the EU.

We use and draft SDS documents almost every working day and you can access that experience.

How we can help

Safety Data Sheets:The REACH Centre can support you at every stage, from assessing your current situation, drafting or converting your texts into compliant documents, classifying your substances (including your mixtures) to editing, branding and translating your SDSs into more than 30 languages. We also have the facilities to research and fill any gaps in your data.

Classification to GHS and CLP: We can explain the obligations that the new CLP regulation places on you and we can provide technical support to help you meet these obligations.

  • Regulatory advice: implications of CLP for your business, timelines and obligations for compliance
  • Technical advice: re-classification of substances and re-labelling of products, notification for the C&L Inventory

Exposure Scenarios for eSDS:Our team of experts can assist with extracting Exposure Scenarios (ES) from your existing Chemical Safety Report for inclusion in the eSDS. We can also convert them into the new ECHA-recommended short four-part Exposure Scenario format, meaning that you will have a manageable and user or printer-friendly format. Our texts also use the standard phrases, enabling cost effective translation to meet your various European market requirements.

Product Labelling and Packaging: We don't just help with the classification of your products, we can provide advice on the mandatory labelling requirements under CLP such as font or hazard pictogram size, hazard and precautionary statement selection and we can then verify your final artwork prior to packaging.
We can also advise on the CLP small labelling provisions and how to reduce the information on the label for small or awkwardly-sized packages.

Training: You, your team and your supplier contacts also need to be familiar with the new regulations. Visit our training page to find out about our three days Hazard Communication Package.