Expert Services

The REACH Centre's highly accomplished chemistry team provides a wide range of expert services to industry including bespoke scientific consultancy, technical problem resolution and laboratory testing. In addition, they work as part of an integrated team with the company's toxicologists, environmental scientists and regulatory experts to deliver services that demand a more multi-disciplinary approach.

The REACH Centre is involved in several EU funded scientific collaborations, which ensures that any cutting edge developments can be incorporated into our existing technical portfolio and utilised in the delivery of our services.

How we can help
  • Substance characterisation: In addition to providing a full characterisation service (analytical strategy design, laboratory testing, interpretation of results and preparation of full characterisation reports), we can offer the constituents of this process as separate services to suit our clients' needs:
    • Design of strategies for analytical characterisation of substances for regulatory purposes
    • Laboratory analysis
    • Interpretation of analytical data generated by clients' own analysts and preparation of characterisation reports
  • Substance sameness checking and support when the criteria specified in the Substance Identity Profile (SIP) cannot be met.
  • Post-registration, ongoing compliance checks following manufacturing process modifications or a change of supplier.
  • Preparation of expert assessment reports for REACH physico chemical endpoints, e.g. explosiveness and oxidising properties
  • Structural/chemical assessment of substances and mixtures for CLP purposes (physico-chemical properties)
  • Assessment of substances for potential exemption under Annex V to REACH and preparation of exemption statements
  • Evaluation of substances to determine their polymer status and associated regulatory requirements
  • Development of substitution strategies, e.g. where a particular component of a mixture needs to be replaced due to its hazard properties
  • Expert witness and litigation support