Biocides Support - Business Impact Assessment



Do you manufacture, import or supply preparations or articles that contain pesticides, disinfectants, preservatives or other biocidal ingredients? If so, you are likely to be affected by the new EU Biocidal Products Regulation and may require support.

Who is affected?

Many companies who produce or market formulations such as paints & inks, metal working fluids, cleaning products and human hygiene products will be impacted. Biocides are also regularly incorporated in articles including furniture and textiles for example, and importers of such goods may now need to ensure their compliance with the new legislation.

Biocides Support - Business Impact Assessment Service

Our biocides support services help you to determine what you need to do to ensure that your biocidal products and treated articles comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation and associated legislation.

We will create a concise report, determining whether your product is covered by the EU regulatory regime for biocides and, if so, clarifying the steps that you need to take to ensure your product is in compliance. Your allocated biocides consultant will:

  • Define your product
    What are the active substance(s) in your product?
    What is your product type?
    Do you have a biocidal product or a treated article?
  • Determine your legal obligations in the context of your product definition
    What are the legal obligations associated with your active substance(s) and your product type?
    What are the requirements for compliance, and what are the timelines?
    Are your labelling claims acceptable?
  • Briefly summarise any applicable obligations under the relevant EU chemicals legislation
    What is the REACH Regulation and the CLP Regulation and how may they be applicable to your product?
    Are there any other associated EU chemicals regulations or directives that may apply to your product?
  • Devise a costed action plan to help you achieve compliance
    What do you need to do and when?
    Who do you need to contact?
    How much could it cost?

Our biocides consultants can find the answers to these questions on your behalf and for your products, providing you with a concise Business Impact Assessment report and Action Plan, including a summary of the key points for the Biocidal Products Regulation, REACH and CLP. For an initial investment of just GBP800 (exc. VAT) for a Business Impact Assessment, you can be confident of your next steps in meeting the requirements of the Biocidal Products Regulation.

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